Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Five things: Autumn Wishlist

1. Embroidered Leather Jacket, £295, Topshop // 2. Embroidered Pinafore Dress, £25, Boohoo//  3. Mesh Jumpsuit, £35, Missguided // Velvet Sweater, £28, Topshop // Crushed Velvet Lace-up Boots, £39, Public Desire //

It's official, summer 2016 is no more...who else is not mentally prepared for it to be over? I know I'm not!

Anyway, Autumn does have it's benefits; Halloween, cosy knits and most importantly, you can slack on shaving your legs and get away with it.

My autumn/winter wardrobe doesn't vary much compared to my summer one, I still wear a lot of black with earthy tones but obviously with more layers.

I'm loving all of the floral embroidery that's about this season. I'm totally in love with this embroidered biker jacket from Topshop (I mean, why wouldn't I? It's way out of my budget *nervous laughter*). It's still pretty while giving that badass edge that I love.

I've always avoided Jumpsuits because I thought that I was too short but having tried some on in various stores, I've decided that I need one in my wardrobe. I particularly love this one from Missguided, perfect for a night out!

If you know anything about me, you know that I am OBSESSED with black ankle boots. I reckon about half of my shoe collection is black boots. I lurrve these crushed velvet ones from Public Desire, they have such a gothic/halloween vibe, which, as a goth at heart, is definitely my cup of tea.

Last but not least, no autumn wardrobe isn't complete without some cute sweaters. I particularly love this one from Topshop. I adore the colour and it switches things up with the roll neck...I bet it's so effin cosy as well!

So tell me guy, what do you want in your autumn/winter wardrobe?

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  1. That embroidered dress is gorgeous! Something I would totally wear.